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Computed Tomoraphy (CT Scan)

What is a Computed Tomography (CT Scan)?

What is a Computed Tomography (CT Scan)?
What is a Computed Tomography (CT Scan)?

CT Scan, also known as computed axial tomography (CAT), is a powerful medical imaging technique that utilizes a combination of X-rays and advanced computer processing to produce detailed three-dimensional images of various anatomical regions within the human body. By capturing multiple X-ray images from different angles around the body, CT scans allow radiologists to reconstruct intricate cross-sectional views, enabling precise visualization and assessment of every organ system.

With CT scans, medical professionals gain unparalleled insights into the internal structures of the body, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The comprehensive nature of CT imaging enables the evaluation of diverse conditions, ranging from traumatic injuries to complex diseases. Whether it's studying the brain, chest, abdomen, pelvis, or extremities, CT scans provide high-resolution images that aid in the identification of abnormalities, tumours, fractures, and other pathological conditions. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of CT technology, Medical Imaging ensures that patients receive exceptional care through precise and comprehensive diagnostic imaging services.

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